About us

Íslenskar Matvörur ehf., (Icelandic Food Products) was established in the fall, year 2010. The company is a whole sale for import and export of food products for catering and retail markets in Iceland as well as for export for other markets. The company did in beginnig focuse on import of meat for Iceland market but in year 2012 we have widen the range of products so today the company is importing wide range of products from 11 countries. We are eger to find solutions for copmanies in Iceland focusing on low cost, fast turnover and top quality of all products that we handle. For export the copmany is focusing on export of meat and water at the moment but also offering wide range of products produced in Iceland, famous for purity as well as top quality. The company was founded by Helgi Einarsson and Heidrún Hauksdóttir, and today we have staff of 5 people. The company is in growing and we estimate that we will hafe staff of 10 people by year 2014 and double our sales in year 2014. Our main focuse is to offer best quality of products and work with top Chefs as well as leading companies in the market. We have our own distribution sysstem and we also use distribution companies to deliver our products on time and in best condition.

The company is now located in its own facility at address:
Idnbud 4
210 Gardabaer


Helgi Einarsson  
Heiðrún Hauksdóttir  
Purchasing / Sales
Helgi Einarsson  
Gréta Hafsteinsdóttir
Heiða Helgadóttir
Warehouse / Distribution:
Ómar Gunnarsson
Hákon Helgason

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